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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 15, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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new company. is called something about poo. poo-prints. what you do, if you live in an apartment complex you turn in a dna sample of your dog and then you can -- the apartment management can find out if you didn't pick up after your dog. so everybody becomes a better citizen. and they don't let their dogs poo without picking them up. poo prints laboratory in tennessee. >> greg: i got some of jasper's. eric? >> dana: i pick up. >> eric: quickly, we'll stay on jay carney to open the white house. by the way, jay, call me. i would love to break the news. fantastic. a shameless plug. "cashing in" saturday, new time, special time to make way for capac. we talk about obamacare. and the dog bills going up. >> bob: i'm sure most of you saw the movie "titanic."
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there is a moving scene when the band kept playing, as the ship was going down. do we have that footage? >> greg: quickly. c'mon people. ♪ ♪ >> bob: they kept doing that, and people were getting off the ship. they obviously all went down with the ship and died. here is the most amazing thing about that. they have found the violin. the violin must have been picked up by somebody. there is it in priss type condition. they found it. it's been two years to authenticate it. it is the guy, the leader of the band's violin. put it on auction and it will go for lot of money. maybe the person building the titanic ought to buy it, the new titanic and the band could play with that. that is amazing to me. somebody picked it up. freddi >> greg: cool. well done. 11:00 p.m. "red eye" tomorrow we have this lady. dana perino. lauren sabon and harris
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faulkner. a new show. what else would you do? that is it for "the five." don't do st. patrick's day. it's evil. payingen holiday -- pagan holiday. just kidding. >> bret: new information on americans wounded and killed in benghazi terror attack and senator that talked to some of the survivors. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. state department official tells fox news three diplomatic security agents and a contractor were among americans hurt in the september 11 attack on the u.s. mission in benghazi, libya. four americans were killed including the ambassador. in the following six months, precious little detail emergeed. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge reports tonight that may be starting to change.
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>> for the first time sinister rorrist attacked a diplomatic mission and the c.i.a. outpost annex in libya, the state department confirmed how many employees were hurt and the nature of their injuries. >> one with smoke inhilllation. at the temporary mission facility. one at the annex seriously injured. one at the left annex less seriously injuried and then a contractor. >> reporter: separately a dib low mattic source told fox news one suffered a severe head injury in the second wave of the attack when the annex came under rpg and mortar fire. in a an interview with fox's james rosen, secretary of state kerry confirmed a state department agent treated at walter reed as late as january. >> i have visited with one of the survivors at the bethesda hospital who is remarkably courageous perp and doing very, very -- person and doing
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very, very well. it called his wife and talked to her. >> six months after the ambassador chrissteins and three others were killed, leave republicans in the house to claim the administration stoppualing the request to meet with survivors. congressman jason chaffetz spoke to fox from cpac. >> the state department has not given us the names of the people attacked. that were there. that have first hand knowledge of this information. >> the state department has not responded to the march 1 letter from republican congressman frank wolf. who supports a select committee investigation in benghazi. >> i think we have an obligation to honor these people. >> this week, another republican threatped to subpoena survivors if they don't volunteer to congressional investigators. >> the u.s. congress has every right to understand the details of what caused this assassination to be successful. >> fox news raised the access issue with the white house press secretary. >> is this white house preventing those survivors from speaking publicly? or asking them not to?
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>> first, i have no knowledge of this story. sectly, i'm sure -- secondly i'm sure the white house is not preventing anyone from speaking. >> asked why the information was only surfacing now, the spokeswoman seemed to shut down the question. >> we have been clear about this from the beginning. >> the c.i.a. had two dozen personnel on the ground in benghaziment fox news is told there will be congressional pressure for the agency the make the survivors available to investigators. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> bret: one of the lawmakers pushing hard for details about benghazi is south carolina republican senator lindsey graham. he and senators john mccain and kelly ayotte are asking in formal letters to secretary of state john kerry and c.i.a. director john brennan for them to provide the names of the attack survivors. senator graham spoke with me today about the effort. it started by telling me he has met with some of the survivors. >> i have had contact with some survivors. the story is chilling.
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they feel it's important to tell it. the best evidence of what happened in benghazi is not a punch of politician in washington trying to cover their political ass it's the people that lived through the debacle. i will do everything i can to get them before the congress and the miles per hour people in an appropriate fashion so that we can learn first-hand what happened in benghazi. you ask me why they are not forth coming? it's exhibit "a" of a failed foreign policy. the benghazi debacle before, during, after shows what happens when you lead from behind. al-qaeda is not on the run. bin laden may be dead. but al-qaeda is alive and well all over the region. benghazi is an example of that. >> are the survivors back on the job? >> some are back. working for the government. some are still injuried. the bottom line they feel they cannot come forward. they have been told to be quiet. at the end of the day, we can't let this administration or any other administration get away with hiding from the american people and the congress. people who were there in
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real-time to tell the story. again, what susan rice told the american people five theys after the attack collapsed. what the president told the american people for weeks after the attack makes no sense. this was never spontaneous event caused by hateful video. it was always a preplanned terrorist attack. >> bret: what are you telling you? >> american people need to hear what happened that night. they need to hear from the people on the ground. their desperate situation. they need to understand from the people who were there for months how bad it was getting. how frustrated they were that nobody was listening to them and provide aid when they asked it. this is a story of an administration deaf and blind to the reality of what people are living with every day in libya. it's important that they be able to tell the story without reprisal. if they get to tell the story without fear we'll understand that during that night, they felt abandoned.
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and they will tell us very clearly that the threats were building for months. nobody would listen to them. this is imperative they tell their story. >> there was a big c.i.a. operation there. as we have reported on. we actually don't know the extent of what was going on. a lot of those people obviously will not talk. because they are undercover. how much does it factor in to all of this equation? >> congress has an oversight rule. if you have a c.i.a. operative and you want to know what happened that night, then do in a classified setting. make a record so we can learn from the mistakes and not repeat them. there are a lot of people there who could testify publicly. i'm not asking the administration to turn over witnesses to the congress. to compromise intelligence. i am asking the administration to turn over to the congress and the american people, the witnesses and peep wh people whd
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through this to learn from the mistakes. they're hiding from the american people the primary source of the truth in benghazi, the people who lived through it. >> bret: why was ambassador stevens in benghazi if he had been sending all the m memos and cables that the security was unsustainable? why was he there? >> because that is where the action was regarding the rising islamist extremist trying to get their hands on weapons flowing freely in libya. we were desperately trying to control the antiaircraft missile. man pad. that were all over libya. that are now all over the mideast. chrissteins got outside the wire because it was his job. don't blame the soldier. when he goes outside the wire to his job. blame the commander. violence all over benghazi months before september 11.
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british left benghazi. the person i blame is not chris stevens. i blame the president of the united states. >> bret: secretary clinton said why does it matter that that hearing? others said it's political effort in your part to get points before your re-electio re-election. >> that's what they say. >> but nobody said that when they asked the bush administration to tell the truth about iraq. we challenge the construct that everything was going fine in iraq. that we didn't need a surge of troops. we challenge the interrogation policy of the bush administration. it mattered to me to make sure that when we are at war the truth comes out. we make appropriate adjustments. to secretary clinton, madam secretary. here is why it matters. i want to know why the system got so broken that you could
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not understand what was being said in libya. when our ambassador tells your state department on your watch we can't defend the consulate from a terrorist attack. by the way, benghazi is full of al-qaeda flags, how could you not read that input? how could you not get that input? i want to frons the military, clearly, why -- i want to understand from the military why could you not help these people? i want to understand how the obama administration could have come up with a story this was anything other than a terrorist attack from the beginning. it had nothing to do with the video. we are not going to cover up a failed foreign policy episode. and read in the "new york times" all of the successes of the obama administration. you cannot have a country where the commander in chief gets to celebrate successes and hide his failures. >> bret: you think we will get to bottom of it? >> if we don't have survivors come forward in an appropriate way, i will continue to make life difficult in the senate.
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i am begging my house colleagues if they will not voluntarily release the names of these survivors through the congress for appropriate interviews to get to the bottom of what happened in benghazi that you subpoena them. house republicans, jason chaffetz, frank wolf have done a great job. but to our leadership in the house you have to up your game on benghazi. >> bret: what is the end of this? if you have people testify and they find out thing what is is the end game? >> if they knew the truth about benghazi, people would be fired. nobody has been fired. >> frankly, secretary clinton, she will be able to talk about her successes as the secretary of state and she had some. no doubt about it. but she has to account for her failures. it does matter to make sure that the record is clear. about what happened on her watch. what happened on president obama's watch. so the end game for me is getting to the truth. if we do get to the truth and no up with gets fired, it will be unbelievably inappropriate to allow people to keep their
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jobs who let the people in benghazi down so badly. as to secretary clinton, you cannot tell the american people you had a clear eye view of the threats in benghazi, given what i know. and what i know comes from the people who were there. it's time for the people who were there to tell the american people what happened. >> bret: thanks to senator graham. log on to the home page at click on the video tab there. you can see the full interview with senator graham. do you think we will ever know the whole story in benghazi? let me know on twitter. follow me @brettbaier. next, fixing what was apparently an expense i expensie mistake. you can rent a car without a reservation... and without a line. now that's a fast car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz.
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>> bret: secretary of state john kerry getting personal involved in the case of jailed
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american pastor abadinn iran. after the state department failed to send a representative to congressional hearing, kerry's office called virginia congressman frank wolf. the pastor's wife testified at the session today about the impact on her children. >> they kept saying does daddy not love us anymore? does daddy not want to hear our voice anymore? i have to tell them. that he was in prison. because he loves jesus. that he loved them very much. >> as fox news first reported, pentagon will deploy 14 additional ground-based interceptors at fort greeley alaska to counter north korea.
3:18 pm
chuck hagel said this is an effort to stay ahead of the intercontinental missile threat. >> united states has missile defense system in place to protect us from the limited icbm attacks. they made examples for provocations. >> it had been proposed by the bush administration until president obama until 2009 stopped it. in addition, officials say the u.s. will explore three new sites for ground-based interceptors. they are planning to deploy a new radar in japan for early warning and tracting. yesterday they addressed complexity of dealing with iran. in some ways it was harder to apply pressure on them.
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>> the white house message is it's under control. the united states is capable to defend against any missile attack. let's be clear. we are capable to deal with the threat. >> obama administration ignored the danger. >> they misdiagnosed the nature of what happened in the region. in what a country determined to acquire capabilities are able to do and driven by a broader ideology opposed to defense. >> it will cost missile defense up to speed. more than it would have cost but pentagon sources deny that. the defense department, though, is the target of cuts. >> senator kelly ayotte republican on the armed services committee said she applauds the decision. ayotte notes that the administration delayed important missile defense programs, threats have grown. >> thank you. >> federal appeals court ruled
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the c.i.a. cannot refuse to confirm whether it had information on the use of drones to kill suspected terrorists. the aclu sued after the agency responded to freedom of administration request saying they merely confirmed the existence of drone records would reveal classified information. lower court agreed. today's ruling overturns that and sends the case back to the lower court. still ahead, fight to the death to get veterans' benefits. serious green to come up with green energy. the president lays out his iranic plans. my wife takes centrum silver. i've been on the fence about it. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study... so i guess my wife was right. [ male announcer ] centrum. always your most complete.
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>> new pressure tonight on president obama to make a decision about the controversial keystone pipeline project. it comes as the president pushes his own green energy agenda, which would be paid
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for by money from off-shore fossil fuel drilling. chief white house correspondent ed henry explai explains. >> visiting the argon national laboratory in illinois, president obama again warned the sequester will hurt the economy, and slam important federal research. even as he joked about the cuts. >> i thought argon, of the effects of the sequester, you had to get rid of shares. that's good. i'm glad we got some shares. >> the real purpose of his trip was to call for $2 billion green energy fund that would use government royalties from offshore oil and gas leases to pour new money to research on electric car batteries and biofuel, to wean americans off fossil fuels and try to end fluctuations of the gas pump. >> let's set up energy security trust to help us free our family an our businesses from painful spikes in gas once and for all. let's do that.
3:25 pm
we can do it. >> american petroleum incity tute quickly responded they are a huge investor in a terptive energy but the reach -- alternative energy but the real issue for them 80% is off-limits for drilling. republicans and democrats came together to say one way to ease the burden at the pump would be the finally approve the keystone xl pipeline. >> the president said wait until after the election. the election is over. it's now time togone. we get things moving. >> a couple of dozen environment patrol testers holding no on xl signs were waiting for the president as he left the lab today. as he faces heavy pressure to block the pipeline. >> a state department report earlier this month suggesting to some the project will have a minimal impact to the environment. and given republicans' new fodder to introduce legislation trying to force it through. >> 1300 days to win world war ii. lewis and clark expedition, 1100. keystone expedition 1636 and
3:26 pm
counting. >> while white house officials continue to say the pipeline will create a small number of temporary construction jobs, they are now facing more pressure from powerfulteams on that claim. >> we should have been building that four years ago. this has been studied for a long time now. it's all about jobs. >> republicans press mr. obama behind closed doors in the meeting yesterday about keystone. we are told the president said the state department may take a couple more months to decide. bret? >> bret: ed henry live on the north lawn. thanks. the dow streak ends at ten. s&p was down 2-1/2. the nasdaq dropped ten. the first day of the conservative political action conference cpac featured speeches from the fresh entry in the presidential sweepstakes. today, a bit of the old sprinkled in with the the familiar. chief political correspondent carl cameron. >> mitt romney chose the
3:27 pm
conservative political action conference for the first public speech since losing the 2019 election. urged republicans to raise their heads and renew the fight. >> it's fashionable in some circles to be pessimistic about america. about conservative solutions. about the republican party. i utterly reject pessimism. >> we may not have carried on november 7 but we haven't lost the country we love. and we have not lost our way. >> the right tries to expand the appeal to minorities and women, romney's former running mate argues the g.o.p. needs to replace lip service with real action. >> we can't just talk about communities. we have to talk with them. we have to engage them. leaders don't just speak up. they listen, too. >> day after florida senator marco rubio who personally opposes gay marriage says it should be up to the states to decide. same time, rand paul urged the g.o.p. to be considerate of the liberty in the social sphere.
3:28 pm
ohio senator rob portman announced he no longer opposes bay barge because since -- opposes gay marriage because he learned one of his sons is gay. all of our sons and daughter should have the stability of marriage. rick santorum arguably the most socially con seventive 2019 g.o.p. contender warned conservatives to sacrifice values for political victory. >> for those who want to abandon the moral underpinnings so we can win, permit me to paraphrase a great teacher and ask what does it profit a movement to gain the country and lose its own soul? >> louisiana governor bobby jindal who emergeed as a tough critic of republican cit nick washington on budget politics instead of growth, rattled off a one-liner about the 2016 race. >> i am too skipny to run for president of the united states. at least, that's what my friend chris christie tells me
3:29 pm
all the time. >> tonight's headliner is former florida governor jeb bush for years spurned talk of run for president but recently said he is not ruling it out. he has taken his name off the straw poll ballot for tomorrow saying it's too early to talk about 2016. except that that is a real big part of what this conference has been about for the last two days and will continue tomorrow. >> bret: exactly. carl cameron live at cpac. thank you. mixed messages and lobster salad from the president and senate republicans. that is next in the grapevine. plus, film critics can be a tough crowd. we know that. one specific group of critics is talking about ben affleck being executed. my mother made the best toffee in the world.
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talk about your alcohol use, lir disease and before you reduce or stop cymbalta. dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing. take the next step. talk to your doctor. cymbalta can help. now fresh pickings from thel gr. we begin with the irony from the republicans to discuss the massive financial woes, featured in extrav gant lobster lunch. one person at the table did not eat a bite. the president himself. senator susan collins of maine tells the daily caller the president obtained apparently because his food taster was not there to try it first. "he honestly did looking longingly at it. but apparently he has to have essentially a taster. i pointed out to him we were all taster, that if the food had been poisoned, all of us would have keeled over." the president has long been
3:34 pm
rumored to have someone who tastes all of his food to make sure it's not dangerous, but the secret service will not confirm that is the case with most security procedures. now the friday followup. maryland state senator crafted a bill inspired by the second grader we told you about that bit his breakfast in the shape of the gun. some blogs called the toaster pastry gun freedom act and restricts the severity of punishment for maryland students who possess a picture of a gun or something else that resembles a gun. josh welsh was suspended for two days for creating the likeness of the gun with his pop tart. >> finally argo conspiracy theories. earlier in week we told you iran plans to sue hollywood for the portrayal of the country in the oscar winning movie. now iran state run tv is aing that actor ben affleck is in fact a covert agent in real-life. it bases the claim on a story by the 9/11 truther kevin
3:35 pm
barrett who they quote as saying, "if the makers of 'argo' are deposed under oath they may be forced to reveal that the fill system a covert operation disguised as a movie." that is the plot of "argo" based on the 1979 attack on the u.s. embassy in iran. article speculates that afl-cio could be hanged for treason and war crimes. it alleges his 2001 box office flop "pearl harbor" was propaganda, "designed to pave the road to 9/11." we have another report. a serious report about how difficult is it for veterans to get the benefits they're entitled to after they return home. this evening, correspondent douglas kennedy tells us of one vet who took tis crusade to the grave. [ gunfire ] >> 1968, harold frasier was in vietnam. serving with 101st airborne. >> he was a private first class, but earned a bronze star. which is very difficult to do.
3:36 pm
>> yes, it is. he was in an area that had on coming fire, lots of combat. >> as a result, his daughter tanya said he suffered post traumatic [ indiscernible ] order his entire life. >> tragically, your father tried to take his own life in 1993. >> yes, he did. he had lots of problems from the war. that led up to it. finally, he couldn't take it no more. >> but tab suicide attempt did not enturg department of veteran affairs to act quickly. in fact, for nine years, frasier fought the v.a. over its misprocessing of his benefits. >> unfortunately, the fight was too much for him. and in november, he died of heart failure. his family is now blaming the v.a. for his death. >> it was the bureaucracy at the v.a. that you say made the last eight years of his life a living hell. >> he fought more with that v.a. than he ever did in vietnam. >> the pile of paperwork tanya says the v.a. made her father
3:37 pm
fill out, after he said it made multiple mistakes. that advocate paul sullivan for bergman&&moore calls it par for the course. >> no one from the v.a. would talk on camera but in a statement the agency did acknowledge the paperwork has created unprecedented backlog. >> that is why v.a. has become implementing a paperless digital disability claims system. >> the v.a. says it's beginning to address the paperwork problem with the new digital system. what do you say? >> the digital system isn't fully operationm yet. so that is just a fake excuse. >> no veteran should have to wait years and face mountains of paperwork to get a disability benefit from v.a. >> sullivan says anyone who fights for the country should be protected by the country when they come home. >> in hammond, louisiana, douglas kennedy, fox news. >> north dakota lawmakers approved what would be the
3:38 pm
most restrictive abortion law in the nation. measure would ban abortions as soon as a fetal heartbeat can be detected, five weeks in the pregnancy. the state's republican for has not said whether he will sign it. arkansas passed a 12-week ban earlier in month. we're finally learning more about what happened last september in benghazi. also, about the survivors. we'll talk about it all with the fox all-stars when we return. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises.
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3:42 pm
read about it on the front page of the "new york times." if they have a national security debacle like benghazi it's like pulling teeth. that is why and the media seems to be uninterested in detailing the failure of president obama foreign polic policy. >> bret: republican senator lindsey graham talking about benghazi. he has met with some of the survivors. he has talked to them. the story is chilling. he says they are told to be quiet. here is what the white house responded to that today. >> i'm sure that the white house is not preventing anyone from speaking. this president made clear those responsible for the deaths of four brave americans in benghazi would be held accountable. the investigation continues. not on the political ramification of the political te bait we have seen in the last several months. president is focused on that. >> bret: with that, bring in
3:43 pm
the panel. jonah foldberg. charles lean, the opinion writer for the "washington post." syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. jonah, kind of explosive interview with senator graham about his charges on the survivors and what they are feeling. >> this feels strange to talk about it six months later and talk about it as a media story but it's compelling to do it that way. under most circumstances there is a mad rush to interview survivors. there is a great competition amongst mainstream media to get the stories out there. for one reason or another it's not happened and it has taken six months for catherine herridge to talk to any of them. she seems to be alone with curiosity for their version of event. >> bret: a couple others following this version of the event. it's something that senators graham and ayotte and mccain sent a letter. representatives wolf and chaffetz in the house.
3:44 pm
you heard senator abramoff saying there needs to be more -- you heard senator graham saying there needs to be more pressure to find out answers. >> to go back to what jonah said, people who apparently evacuated and got out are c.i.a. undercover. it will be hard, even aggressive press will be hard to get those. people talking about here are the state department folks not under cover. it seems to me a bad move if the administration is muzzling him. they shouldn't be muzzled. they should be made available if they want to be available to the press. and to congress if necessary. we need all the facts. it seems simple to me. >> bret: charles? >> it's simple, but the administration has not done what is simple and log call. what you expect for the government to be honest on what happened. the administration counting on three things here. the total lack of interest by the mainstream media. covering for administration and treating it like a
3:45 pm
political story. republicans attack the administration. second counting on the fact that the passage of time it's important. you get the former secretary of state saying and hearing four months after the event, what does it matter at this point? yeah, it's almost a third of a year later. so it's essentially rear-view mirror. counting on the fact that there isn't a human face on this. the dead are dead. and what you would ordinarily hear from are the people who were there. probably in terror. thinking where is the country. who is thinking about us. having that core inside with a president that showed no interest in this whatsoever. aside a briefing that was already scheduled early in the evening. then retires for seven hours and opportunity inquire after that. when you put the human face with the apparent
3:46 pm
indifference. then you've got a real story. that is why they are afraid at having anybody on camera. >> bret: you hear the white house secretary a you hear democrats say this is what, what is the end game here? what are you trying to get to? this is all political. >> yeah, but it's like you can't -- i don't know the unknown unknowns are. and normally, in a press story of, or a real story of this magnitude. ambassador, first ambassador in 30 years you don't say well, look what could they possibly say happened? since that sounds outlandish, let's not ask the followup questions. let's not investigate. normally, you sort of, i thought the rule was you take the story, you take the story where it takes you. instead they seem to advance pass go and said since we know that barack obama is not a bad man, he doesn't done anything evil or terrible, all this could be is way for the administration to look bad so why ask the followup
3:47 pm
questions. >> look, not withstanding the fact i think there should be full disclosure of the people's experiences. it's highly unlikely that any of them knows anything about what president obama did that night. or can really speak authoritatively about his decision-making. they can tell you -- they can fill in the picture of what is ady sast attorney ground. >> or whether they called for help. >> we have a timeline already about that. so i mean the -- >> bret: i don't know. >> official timeline but not by people on the ground. >> bret: there are holes in the timeline. >> well, yeah and i guess what i'm trying to get at is if, if those survivors know more than they have already told the investigation and so forth and so on, it would be great to have that out. i'd be surprised. very surprised if they shed light on whenp or if obama knew. >> administration wants to make a speech on fun control, it hauls in the parents of newtown. not that you get new information. you get the drama and the take
3:48 pm
of the people who suffered. i think what they want in a theatrical way, the administration, is to deny that. to have these people in the shadows, abstract story. about an event that happened far away. the dead are already dead. i think that is why they don't want people out there telling a story that would dramatize the importance and the meaning of a president who appeared to be absent that night. >> no question, this is a bad story of the administration. what i'm questioning is that any other administration in the same situation of any party would behave a lot differently. >> the media would. that is what is staggering here. >> perhaps. we'll stay on the story. and we invite any of those survivors, you are welcome on this show anytime. next up, the friday lightning round. searing for a bank designed for investors like you? tdd#: 1-800-345-2550
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>> bret: welcome back. each week we vote -- you vote, actually. wetch don't vote. you vote in the friday lightning round and you focused aid to egypt. focus on aid to egypt after $250 million going that way. >> we want to help a country. we have don't want to help the regime that is unfriendly. thus our demand in return for the aid shouldn't be economic reforms. it should be political reforms that open space for the opposition. allow free press to oppose the government. and guarantee free and open elections. in the options of that, not a penny. >> this is a week where the top officials, muslim brotherhood voiced view about women who were beaten by their husbands are 30 to 4%
3:53 pm
responsible. points out a situation like that in pakistan. we are sending money to regime and army we had differences with in the theory we need to stay engaged and in the game. >> when we gave money to mubarak it was cynical but necessary. authoritarian and keeping it stable. they are under the poll of moving to islamic totalitarian regime. we need to be a counterweight for that somehow. i'm sympathetic to it. >> cpac today, republican speakers including the last republican nominee. >> we lost races before in the past. but the setback prepare us for larger victories. it's up to us to make sure we learn from our mistakes and we take advantagep of the learning to make sure we take back the nation. take back the white house. get the senate and put in place conservative principles. >> warm applause there jonah.
3:54 pm
>> a nice talk. not sure why he did it. it felt like taking a bowl. he didn't propose policy. thanks for support and memories. >> nice to wave goodbye to mitt romney but the whole cpac was overshadowed by the announcement that rob portman is in favor of gay marriage. the most prominent republican since dick cheney. highlighting, really, this social issue wedge that is penetrating that conference and the party of old. >> bret: we also heard from paul ryan today. take a listen. >> we don't hide behind our beliefs. we argue for them. a budget is a list of numbers. expression of thegones philosophy. our budget draws a sharp contrast with the left. it says to the people unmistakable terms, they are the party of shared hardship. we are the party of equal
3:55 pm
opportunity. >> bret: charles? >> i think it shows how strong a bench we have and how good the prospects are in the future. i'm less cynical than my compadres here. i thought romney gave gracious speech. the heartening element is the way a young crowd, quite conservative crowd cheered and greeted him with equal grace. which was nice. usually you pick a loser to -- kek loser to the curb in politics. that was the opposite. >> bret: portman announcement, john, significant? >> it's significant. i'm sympathetic to the position on this. the politics are problematic because the idea he only changes the position when it affected him with his own son. that will have repercussions. >> bret: chuck, north korea, beefing um securit up security,e defense as the north korean threat is vocalized. what about this? >> what i read about this
3:56 pm
beefs up missile defense in alaska, it will come online in 2017. so that is four years from now. i think north korea could act before that if it had a mind to. this is now almost 20 years, bret, since the crisis so to speak on korean peninsula broke out in first clinton term. this has been going on and on since that time. heading to perpetual extortion or miscalculation and break sooner than we would like. >> bret: representative franks had a statement released today. it's unfortunate it has taken multiple missile test by the same rogue nations if for administration led by the same president in 2001 said, "i don't agree with missile defense." to realize that the missile defense system specifically long needed more ground-based interceptors and is critical to the ongoing security of america." >> this is why this is an important moment.
3:57 pm
not because of what is happening in pyongyang but because after 30 years of almost religious opposition to anything having to the with missile defense, democrats, liberals now in power understand how reagan was right. now important it is and we really have to start now belatedly because of the democratic resistance to have in place a way to defend ourselves against attack by rogue states. it will be coming. >> bret: that is it for the friday lightning round. but stay tuned for a face only a mother of a cable news anchor could love. special tribute as well after the break.
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